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Intellectual Property Rights

We champion our client’s creativity and commercial endeavours and offer comprehensive, end-to-end solutions within our firm’s extensive IP services. Our specialized IP practice not only involves safeguarding and managing their intellectual property throughout its lifecycle but also encompasses dedicated support in protection, prosecution, enforcement, acquisition, and strategic commercialization of their valuable IP rights. Furthermore, we extend our expertise to effectively navigate any domain name disputes, ensuring our clients’ interests remain secure and their ventures unimpeded.

Our adept IP team seamlessly collaborates with the firm’s Corporate and Commercial transactions division, lending critical support in conducting meticulous IP due diligence. This diligence spans across a diverse spectrum of domestic and cross-border business activities, including Mergers and Acquisitions, Share Purchases, as well as Insolvency and Bankruptcy proceedings. By integrating our specialized IP expertise into the fabric of these multifaceted transactions, we ensure a holistic approach to legal services within the firm, providing comprehensive guidance and protection throughout the entirety of the business lifecycle.

We firmly believe in Protecting our clients’ IP for empowering their business expansion.”

We Specialize In :

IP Prosecution and Registration

Trade Mark Registration

Copyright Registration

Design Registration

Due Diligence

IP Agreements

Licensing & Franchise Agreement




Service Level Agreements for IT Companies etc.

IP Enforcement

Trade mark, copyright, design and patent infringement suits

Domain name disputes